Hi, welcome to The MULTIMEDIA CHANNEL,

Here you can browse through a variety of multimedia content produced by people like yourself. It is considered as a sharing platform as you can send in your images, music and playlist suggestions to us and we will add it to the site.

We update our site regularly to accomodate new styles as well as update content so be sure to check up on us frequently. The site is being modified daily and so you may see cool new features added in the following months! If you have any suggestions on other multimedia which could be added to the site please feel free to contact us using the contact feature. We aim to provide as much content as possible to keep all users enagaged and interacted. So far it has been suggested that videos, movie suggestions and tv show suggestions are added and this will be coming shortly. But for now, enjoy the music and photographs that we have for you to look at.



Meet The TEAM,

So I guess you're wondering who is behind this beautiful creation? Alecssandria and I (Kyra) worked hard in the Code First Girls Beginners course in order to produce an amazing project that would WOW the others. From the very beginning we were set on making a media library which covers various multimedia types as we thought this would entertain people the most. Although we are both compuer science students we were both new to html and css and aimed to gain as much as we could from the CFG sessions. In the sessions we learnt the basics of html and css and used this to create a basic template of the site. *Further research was the tricky part* In order to make our site interactive we searched the internet on how to create interactive features using html and css as a foundation including java script where necessary.

I enjoy many tech aspects hence why I joined the CFG course and have taken up photography. Currently the main base of the photographs have been taken by me, but once you guys start joining and sending in your work this wont be the case. Most of the time I do London based photography, but obviously when on holiday I seize the opportunity to get as many shots as possible to share with you all. The image on the left is me at work on The Shard, London's tallest building.

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Where to start?

Well to start you'll need a decent camera of course! We suggest sticking to Canon or Nikon as cameras produced by these brands give a professional finish. Great beginners cameras include the Canon 1200D or the equivalent Nikon D3200. But of course there are other cameras out there that would give equally as good quality pictures.

Quick Tips

The video to the right are Karl Taylors photography tips which are perfect for you to get started in the photography world. However we do have some tips of our own:

Practise makes perfect. The more you experiment and test the better your results will become. It is crucial that you take more than one shot as some may have imperfections which my be deemed difficult to correct when editing.

I hope these tips helped!